Supply fears for flood isolated cherbourg village

Supply fears for flood isolated cherbourg village

By FRANCO PANIZO, Associated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — A community of Cherbourg near the French border is scrambling to clean up one of its floodplain towns after finding that there are shortages of water ev바카라 검증 사이트en though there is plenty of water from Lake Och카지노 환치기 알바o.

The local government in the town of Grenoble, near the northern French border, said Saturday it was considering banning homes from letting out water during the rainy season.

But local resident Jean-Jacques Doyon said water restrictions could backfire.

“At this point we’re already being told that we can’t bring water because we are running out,” he said Saturday. “And that’s a real problem.”

The lack of water — an annual shortage for this time of year that can hit 300,000 residents in just five years when rainfall is at its lowest — has been exacerbated by Hurricane Florence making its way through northern Mexico.

Doyon, a 30-year-old Frenchman, said he fears his property, surrounded by flooded, cracked roads, could be washed away if too many people don’t prepare. His land will be affected by flooding as it’s within an already-flooded region.

“The house will definitely be washed away or torn down,” Doyon said Saturday, without elaborating. “We could be living in the same house for a few weeks.”

He said some people are even building their own houses to shelter in case it rains.

This is the second time in as many days the community — mostly made up of farmers, farmers’ associations, village counc청주출장샵 ils and municipalities — has taken legal action over the shortages of water in Grenoble.

At least 14 homes were condemned on Friday as a precaution, but the town hall said that did not effect the water supply.


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