Nt government support for fracking a misallocation of resources

Nt government support for fracking a misallocation of resources

Toby Deutsch (North Sydney), Greens Leader, Australia

I think the public understands more clearly that the state government is a major player in the construction of Sydney’s infrastructure, and that as a result, most of the work that it carries out on the infrastructure gets funded from its own coffers. Sydney has no infrastructure, and the state government uses all the money it gets from its own coffers.

I am not sure the debate on fracking that we have seen over the past year has resolved any important questions, and I would argue that the time is now to set a national agenda for discussion about how to support this important area of investment in our lives and our communities.

Dr Andrew Scipione (Wollongong), Deputy Minister for Health and Primary Industries, Australian Labor Party

We are a nation of resource-dependent people. I am not trying to get political, but our ability to meet economic challenges is a matter of great concern, and that concerns me. We need to be very thoughtful about the wa더킹카지노y we approach this, because the risks are great. And we are not going to get rid of a few small mines and the risk is that some of the jobs will just come back.

My own view is that we should focus on how we are going to make our communities a better place and to encourage more development in these areas so that we have economic growth. That is what I will do.

I have been here since 2010 and what I am proudest of is that there is more job creation on this council in the last 12 months than there were on the whole of my time as council leader. I have also seen communities growing from six to nearly 30,000 people, so it is a real growth area for our city and a growth area for our country. There is more of a positive outlook around the whole of our state and I would like to see all the opportunities to do more. We would love to work on it toget바카라사이트her, but, to get these things done, we need to get our partners to work together, both in the legislature and in the city council. I would love to work with any state or federal government to support the local businesses in the mining industry and that is also my experience in Wollongong

Marian Kelly (Melbourne, Vic), Greens Party Leader, Australia

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